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Accredited through Christian Schools of Florida (CSF) National Association of Christian Education (NACE) and National Council on Private School Accreditation (NCPSA), A member of Middle States Accreditation Association, (MSAA) Formerly Accredited through Advan-Ed (SACS).


And Moses said unto the people, Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord: Exodus 14:13, A Clause

Greetings Most Worshipful Union Grand Lodge Family,

I am sending this communication and prayerfully it is reaching you in good health and good spirits. Let us receive this letter in a spirit of encouragement. As we are potentially in the midst of another hurricane, I am asking all members to individually and collectively pray for our jurisdiction.

We have had several jurisdictions to contact me relative to sharing concerns for our Brothers and Sisters. I have seen evidence displayed by Brothers, more especially in Zone Two, Melbourne and surrounding areas where they have been assisting those who were in need of their assistance. I am sure this not the only area, however, this was sent to my desk. Let us take hurricane preparedness serious and please take every precaution to keep ourselves out of harm’s way.

Please send up special prayers for our Brothers and Sisters in the Bahamas. They could possibly be facing some major issues. However, we know that simply by a move of God’s hand the hurricane could make a turn in another direction. 

Brothers and Sisters let us band together to help not only our members but any citizen who has a need that we are able to meet without causing material injury to ourselves. God keep us in the hallow of YOUR Hand!!!

The Honorable Walter Gulley, Jr.
The 18th Most Worshipful Grand Master