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Accredited through Christian Schools of Florida (CSF) National Association of Christian Education (NACE) and National Council on Private School Accreditation (NCPSA), A member of Middle States Accreditation Association, (MSAA) Formerly Accredited through Advan-Ed (SACS).


With so many advocacies to fulfill, we have segregated our church community members into different ministries. Each one specializes in a particular program or line of work that benefits the underprivileged in the community:

  • Church
    Helping our community grow in membership and in raising funds to move our projects forward.
  • K-12 (Brick and Mortar School)
    Conducting educational sponsorship and soliciting scholarship grants for students in the K-12 program.
  • Online Education
    Offering educational opportunities for adults and out-of-school youth through technological advancements.
  • Community Outreach
    Responsible for organizing outreach activities to benefit orphaned children, adults in homeless shelters and elderly individuals in nursing homes.
  • Feeding Program
    Organizes community members to take part in operations in the local soup kitchen for the homeless and orphanage feeding activities.
  • Youth Center
    Different professionals from various lines of work will handle youth groups at the center and stand as role models.
  • Community Resource Center
    Social workers and volunteer community workers will handle health, employment, and domestic issues; providing access to valuable information to members and non-members.
  • Computer Classes
    Offering computer literacy courses for adults of all ages; helping them become more competent to land in jobs and maintain gainful employment.
  • Technical Education in Plumbing and Electricity
    Vocational and technical educational programs for aspiring plumbers and electricians.
  • Early Childhood Education Credentials
    Facilitating programs for aspiring educators specifically in the line of work that caters to children in their formative years.
  • Church Services
    A ministry that schedules church services, prayer, and praise sessions and community general assemblies.

For more information about our ministries or to express your interest in joining the Kingdom Christian Academy & Rev. Henry Crowell Jr. Academy of Excellence community, please call 352-369-3119.